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Aug. 28th, 2013

03:41 pm - done with cross posting.... [sticky post]

totally absolutely done cross posting and posting things here...now i've made it so you can't even read anything here except this post....obviously not done with LJ, as my vintage ads community is here....but personal blog wise? yes, done, finis....

where i am and have been--just had been cross posting over to here....i mean i have over a couple hundred icons there i use, i have a spiffy layout set up....yeah....dreamweaver is better....and yes, even MORE obscure than LJ.....

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Feb. 21st, 2014

11:31 am - Got DOX!!! Portage County Case 2014 CVF 00187K

checked online and yep, dox!!! #1 and #2 just establishes who the parties are....

3. As the Owner of the property at 327 Cherry Street, Kent, Ohio, Cheryle Reitz was responsible for maintaining the property in a safe manner consistent with the standards set by the State of Ohio and City of Kent.

4. Ms. Reitz failed to maintain the property in said manner.

5. Specifically, she failed to maintain and/or repair the electrical wiring in the house in a safe manner.

6. Ms. Reitz's negligence resulted in an electrical fire which destroyed Edward Milton's personal possessions on February 20, 2012.

7. Edward Milton's personal belongings were destroyed.

8. Milton was forced to leave the apartment due to the fire.

9. Milton requested in writing that Reitz return his security deposit.

10. Reitz failed to return Milton's security deposit or the unused rent.

Count I

11. The allegations of the above paragraphs are incorporated herein as if fully rewritten.

12. Defendant was negligent in maintaining the wiring which damaged Plaintiff by destroying his personal property.

Count II
Breach of Contract

13. The allegations of the above paragraphs are incorporated herein as if fully rewritten.

14. Reitz breached the rental contract with Milton by failing to return the security deposit and unused rental money.

Count III
Violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 5321.16

15. The allegations of the above paragraphs are incorporated herein as if fully rewritten.

16. Reitz wrongfully withheld Milton's security deposit in violation of R.C. 5321.16

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for the following:

1. Compensatory damages in an amount to be determined, up to $15,000

2. Double damages and statutory attorney fees regarding Count III;

3. Attorneys fees regarding Counts I and II;

4. The cost of this action;

5. Any other relief this Court may deem necessary and just.

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Feb. 20th, 2014

03:12 pm - just waiting for dox.....but here's the surprise someone deserves.....

okay, waiting to get the dox, but a well deserved surprise is now officially on the way for someone....very appropriate date for this too.....

without dox to quote from, but since there IS a public record now, a lawsuit was filed today against eddie's former slumlord (i, miss tia, am using that word to describe her and that is my opinion that i can legally express) for the loss of his property and the return of his deposit (which would be doubled since no mention was made of it within 30 days)....

she did NOTHING to fix that ceiling or the water damage...eddie asked her several times verbally then left a written note with his rent about 6 months prior to the fire requesting it be fixed.....the fire started in that area of where she neglected to repair the ceiling....she ensured the inspector her insurance hired wouldn't talk to me but i bet they talk to an attorney when they get a subpoena.....then when eddie asked for his deposit back she sent that letter claiming he owed HER several thousand in back rent from like 10 years prior but if he had records to prove her wrong he could send them to her.....

how fucking CRUEL of statement was that for her to say?! considering this is where his papers were:


now, she was genuinely upset at eddie's loss at the time, she did try to help him find a new place---she even gave him a good referral, claiming his rent was always on time (no mention of owing back rent then)....but when SHE was asked to depart with some money, well then her demeanor changed and she pulled the 'oh you owe ME money' trick to try to intimidate eddie into not pursuing anything....

to have someone lose practically EVERYTHING, especially Luci-fur, Layla, Grape Juice and Loner, and then try to intimidate them asking THEM for money?! Oh HELL NO!!! if she hadn't been such a slumlord and had actually REPAIRED that ceiling none of this probably wouldn't have happened.....

trying to save a few hundred bucks cost furbaby's their lives, eddie lost 97% of all his possessions, and his home....

you DESERVE THIS SO MUCH cheryle!!! enjoy your surprise!!!

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09:34 am - 2 years ago today....

In Loving Memory of Layla, Luci-fur, Grape Juice and Loner from miss tia on Vimeo.

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Feb. 6th, 2014


10:14 pm - Bravo Google!! [reposted post] reposted by misstiajournal

This is the current Google doodle, and from what I can tell, it is WORLDWIDE!


Yes, even Russia!!



Article in the Guardian about this. I'm sure there'll be more tomorrow.

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Feb. 5th, 2014


08:46 am - Gay Equality Weekend Friday February 7th thru Sunday February 9nth--The Russian Olympics [reposted post] reposted by misstiajournal


This article from The Guardian has too many good Sochi tweets to just pick one or two. People are arriving and yes, it's a mess. This one though cracks me up. I mean, PLEASE--no wait don't---tell me who fishes in a toilet?! Behind all the 'new' Sochi building though is the real crumbling city of Sochi where citizens have some real primitive conditions that have been made worse.

Obviously since people are arriving in Sochi nothing came of boycotting them. Let's remember that the next time the USA tries to police a country and claims we have to because of how the citizens are being treated. I agree with actor Chris Pine who said, "...the U.S. should have done more in the run-up to the Sochi Olympics to protest Russia's anti-gay legislation, which he calls "clearly awful, archaic, hostile nonsense." "

Though, some points must be given for some world leaders for one, not going to the opening ceremonies and two, sending members of the LGBT community to represent them. President Obama isn't going, nor the Vice President, but is sending Billie Jean King* to the opening ceremonies, Caitlin Cahow to the closing ceremonies and Brian Boitano is in the delegation>. France, the UK, and Germany are also not sending their heads of state. German President Joachim Gauck publicly pointed to Russia’s human rights abuses as his reason. Prime Minister Cameron is sending Clare Balding, a well known gay TV journalist, and one time jockey, will be among the group of culture ministers who will represent The UK. Also the British government has said that the sports minister Helen Grant, who is also equalities minister, will attend on its behalf. Putin did attend the Olympics in London in 2012, so this is quite a snub for Cameron to not return the favor. Norway's Health Minister is attending the Sochi Paralympics and he is taking his husband. He will be Norway's official representative at the Paralympics.

An IOC member spoke out publicly against President Obama sending gay representatives. ' "It's absurd that a country like that sends four lesbians to Russia just to demonstrate that in their country gay rights have (been established),'' Mario Pescante said at an Italian Olympic Committee meeting...'

Former Gold Medalist Greg Louganis is urging Olympic athletes to protest Russia's anti-gay laws by dedicating wins to gay family members and friends. By doing THIS, it would not run afoul of the Olympic rules for protesting. Yes, the IOC in more moves to placate Putin yet also try to placate everyone else, says that athletes cannot speak out on issues within "accredited areas".

Putin is saying that gays at the Olympics must leave children alone, because he's just perpetuating the false belief that gays are pedophiles. "We have a ban on the propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia," Putin said in televised comments from host city Sochi... Further in that article is this alarming statement: In a sign that Russia could go further in its anti-gay legislation, a senior cleric from the Russian Orthodox Church, which is closely allied to Putin, this month called for a national debate on returning a Soviet-era law repealed in 1993 that criminalised gay sex. Though there's one amusing one, with a volunteer pointing out to Putin that their volunteer uniforms are RAINBOW colored! Of course Putin says he had nothing to do with their design. Bonus points to whomever designed them! And the Mayor of Sochi doesn't even think there's any gay people in his city.

Within Russia a 9nth grade student, which there is between the ages of 14-16, was found guilty of the Russian propaganda laws for stating her sexual orientation in front of her classmates. (The child pictured in the article is NOT the child in question). Her own father attacked her to the point she had a severe head injury and had to be hospitalized. The first media outlet was also just fined for violating the laws, for reporting a teacher was fired for being gay. A Russian LGBT teen activist has been charged with violating their draconian law also. She runs a support group for LGBT teens in Russia online.

Elena Klimova established the aforementioned online community, Children 404, in March of 2013. She said the project was created after she published an article about LGBT teenagers’ problems and began receiving messages from teen teenagers on her personal VKontakte page. On the “Children 404″ page, LGBT teens share personal stories, and converse about their problems. Often, they write about about bullying by peers and misunderstanding by parents. To date, more than one thousand letters have been published. The LGBT youth community faces a mental health crisis as it is already. But imagine being in RUSSIA, with basically ZERO support. You would feel more isolated.

Even information about HIV prevention is considered propaganda, which aside from the whole ridiculousness of these draconian laws, somehow makes it even MORE draconian. Putin has claimed gays aren't discriminated against, yet I highly doubt he'll take up Elton John's offer to introduce him to people who have been harassed, threatened, physically assaulted, etc because they are gay. "The people I met in Moscow – gay men and lesbians in their 20s, 30s and 40s – told me stories about receiving threats from vigilante groups who would 'cure' them of homosexuality by dousing them with urine or beating them up." <---THIS is what the homophobic Russian yobs do to peaceful individuals just trying to live their lives. Then there's a Russian actor who thinks gays should be burned alive in an oven. Hmmm.....what other oppressive regime used ovens?

ETA: *Billie Jean King whereas selected to go, is now not able to go to the opening ceremonies due to her elderly mother being gravely ill.

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Jan. 19th, 2014

07:14 pm - Joe's Towing in Stow Ohio will try to extort cash from you & file false claims....

so i have free road side assistance with my cell phone....i call today to get my van towed to my mechanic---who is doing a couple jobs despite it being winter since eddie's brakes went out and eddie was able to go see him in person.....mobile assist directly connects you to providers now and i got connected to a guy (didn't know the place at the time) who took my info, where it was going and then he told me it would be $40 CASH plus tax....uh, i have free towing with my cell plan....no, it's $40 CASH plus tax and we only accept CASH no checks and no credit cards (that right there raised my antennae)....what tow company is this?...joe's....uh you towed my van in october and it didn't cost a dime and it was from the same addy TO the same addy, what changed?....i don't know, it should have been $40 CASH (he kept saying cash cash cash cash cash FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER) plus tax....uh no....well you'll have to call allstate....i don't have allstate....how did you call us?....thru at&t....then you'll have to call them if you don't want to pay $40 CASH plus tax....well yes i WILL call them because i am NOT going to pay $40 CASH plus tax.....

call at&t and press to speak to someone....got a very nice lady on the phone....she looked up and saw that in SOME cases you can be charged for an overage in mileage (i do understand that if you wanted it towed X # of miles) but i pointed out they towed me in october and she looked that up and saw that with no charge to me and she said that was fully covered then and should be now.....she said nothing had changed in the plan either....so she tried to find another tow company....well apparently on sundays it is hard to find a tow truck.....so she asks if she wants me to let her call joe's since that was the only company available....i wasn't pleased with the idea but she did assure me she would tell them the tow was FULLY COVERED....fine....she gets back on, saying she told them it was fully covered and they'd be here in 90 minutes....

thinking that was resolved and that they would probably take 90 minutes or longer---which was fine, not like i can go anywhere.....i got a couple things out of the van, wrote a note for my mechanic and wait....ah, this is when things get interesting when it comes to the fucks known as joe's towing....

phone rings and it's at&t calling me...another lady....she starts off telling me that since joe's couldn't get my van towed it would count as one of my service calls anyway since they had been here and did i want her to find another tow company.....uh, WHAT? i'm still waiting for them to get here....they weren't there?!....NO!....they submitted a claim they were there and couldn't tow your vehicle....well they're full of shit cuz i'm waiting here for them and if you want i can take a photo of the tire tracks in my street showing just my friend's car tracks and NO tow truck tracks......that's okay, let me call them, can you hold?....absolutely.....

i'm on hold and i'm wondering what the fuck is going on.....oh this is good....in a sadistic 'you're really a business?' type of way.....

she gets back on the phone and tells me that the driver [wait for it] COULD NOT GET OVER THE HILL ON MY STREET.....uh, robinette court is FLAT, what the fuck are they talking about? they tried to extort cash, wait CASH, from me now they want to defraud you with a fake claim for service and flat out LIE about a non-existent hill?!.....can i put you back on hold?....absolutely....

the driver is claiming there's a hill they can't get over....well the driver can't get over the mole hill of extortion attempts and now flat out LYING....

she put me back on hold and notified joe's they were NOT getting paid for the claim---since they lied about it....i mean, flat out fucking LIED....it really shouldn't have surprised me after their cash extortion attempt from me....but filing a false claim with at&t? it makes me wonder how many times they pull that shit and get away with it???

so i'm calling back tomorrow when more tow companies are available....and yes, tomorrow i will also be on online review sites writing about joe's towing in stow ohio and how they tried to extort CASH from me and then filed a false claim with at&t...i'm gonna write at&t about this too and perhaps at&t can check their other claims and get some verification......

and yes, i am gonna state that i was really pleased in october when joe's towing was the service provider for my tow, because that is the truth....they were out within 15-20 minutes, the guy who came out was very nice and even knew my mechanic.....today? totally different company.....a company trying to get CASH out of people and filing false claims with at&t....nope, i can't stress that enough....

joe's towing in stow, ohio you tried to extort the wrong little chick today!!!!

Current Music: david bowie--sunday
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Jan. 13th, 2014


04:30 pm - Gay Equality Day Wednesday January 15th! Think, Reflect, Create [reposted post] reposted by misstiajournal

Pictured is Kirill Kalugin, 21, is a student at St Petersburg’s Polytechnic University. He became famous for holding a one-man protest at Palace Square during celebrations of Russian Airborne Troops Day on 2 August 2013, when he unfolded a rainbow banner reading: ‘This is promotion of tolerance’ and was attacked and arrested by uniformed veteran paratroopers within seconds. ‘The protests should make people think, reflect, and create discussions in our society,’ he says. ‘Protests that are seen by no one are useless.’


From this set of Gay and Lesbian people in Russia. His statement "This is promotion of tolerance" and "The protests should make people think, reflect, and create discussions in our society." Really struck a chord with me.

Next month, February 7th I will focus exclusively on the Olympics and Russia. This month, let's see what's going on around the world.

Just today I read here that the president of Nigeria signed a law criminalizing same sex relationships. "The bill, which contains penalties of up to 14 years in prison and bans gay marriage, same-sex "amorous relationships" and membership of gay rights groups, was passed by the national assembly last May but Jonathan had delayed signing it into law." Finally, it seems, the United States is saying something to a country that passes such laws. Secretary of State John Kerry said in part, "It is inconsistent with Nigeria's international legal obligations and undermines ... democratic reforms and human rights protections."

In Cameroon a man was sentenced to 3 years in jail for sending a text to another man saying he loved him. In prison he developed a hernia, was released to the hospital and then his family took him home and let him die because they objected to his homosexuality. Cameroon is unapologetic with it's homophobic laws. A quote from the article I read: "Appearing before the council in September 2013, Anatole Nkou, Cameroon's ambassador to Geneva, testified that a prominent gay rights activist found tortured and killed last year died because of his "personal life," prompting outcry from international rights groups."

In Uganda in December a bill was passed, but not yet signed by the president, that can send a gay individual to jail for life. People can also be sent to jail for NOT reporting homosexual behavior. It also bans the promotion of homosexuality (they must have picked that one up from Russia). I agree with president Obama's comment about this, calling it "Odious". The article I read here and taken from that article is this map of Africa denoting gay rights in each country (or lack of).


In India, their government is asking the supreme court to overturn the ruling so that being gay would NOT be illegal. From the article: "Gay sex had been effectively legalised in 2009 when the Delhi High Court ruled that a section of the penal code prohibiting "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" was an infringement of fundamental rights. But in a shock judgement on December 11, a panel of two Supreme Court judges ruled that the High Court had overstepped its authority and that a law passed in 1860 during British colonial rule was still valid." I could find no update on this, so their court must still be mulling this over.

Ignorance about the LGBT community continues around the world also, unfortunately.

From last month here, a professor at Newham College in London was terminated for comparing gays to the kkk, nazis and free masons. He also believed that gays wanted to indoctrinate children. This is an alleged educated individual?

Also in the United Kingdom, Andrea Minichiello Williams, founder of Christian Concern, said that lack of a father could lead to homosexual feelings and used Olympic diver Tom Daley as an example. Yes, apparently if your father passed away, it'll turn you gay, that's basically what she said. Let that sink in. Here's the article I read.

In the United States we have potential GOP Senate candidate from Iowa Bob Vander Plaats blathering on how if same sex married is allowed parents could end up marrying their children! Audio of his interview included with this story. I wonder if he even knows Gay marriage is allowed in Iowa? Shhhh....don't tell him! :)

Of course also in the United States there was a short window of time that Utah was allowing same sex marriages, now they are on hold. For those couples who DID get married though, whereas the State has said their marriages aren't valid, the Federal government has stepped in and said they will recognize them. Article here.

Promoting tolerance SHOULD make people think, reflect and create discussions within society. Out of that, eventually, WILL come acceptance and most of all equality.

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Oct. 10th, 2013


06:34 am - Gay Equality Day, Friday October 11th--National Coming Out Day [reposted post] reposted by misstiajournal

National Coming Out Day is an internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender coming out regarding one's sexual orientation and/or gender identity being akin to a cultural rite of passage for LGBT people. The day is observed annually by members of the LGBT community and allies on October 11. The day was founded in 1988 by Robert Eichberg, a psychologist from New Mexico and founder of the personal growth workshop, The Experience, and Jean O'Leary, an openly gay political leader from Los Angeles and then head of the National Gay Rights Advocates. The date of October 11 was chosen because it was the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

If anyone in our community wishes to share a person story, even without an ad in the post, please do!!!!

Think of how the mentality of mainstream Americans (well most) have changed even in the last 15 or so years in regards to famous people coming out and stating they are gay. I think coming out is a personal choice, and don't agree with some that famous people should be forced to declare their sexual preferences. But when someone who is famous DOES come out, it is incredibly powerful and can impact tremendously those who feel shame or that they have to hide who they really are. Even NON-famous people, stating they are gay, living openly as they are, can have a tremendous impact on those who are afraid due to factors in their life (family, cultural, etc.) Straight people supporting equality for the LGBT community openly also shows others that there IS support for them.

NEVER be ashamed of who are, who you love, or how you love. If you are shunned, that is they shunner's problem, not yours! I know that is easier said than done if you are dependent on such people for your livelihood. Don't let them eat away at your soul and plan your escape to be able to live YOUR life as you ARE as soon as you can.

If you or anyone you know has difficulty with coming out or faces challenges---harassment, etc contact the GLBT National Help Center--they have people you can talk to and can give you contacts in your area. Also the The Trevor Project has people you can talk to and can offer other assistance. NEVER feel you have to deny your true self. You don't have to make a proclamation and have a plane fly around with a banner, but you shouldn't have to hide who you really are. And as we know, our friends in Russia are facing that right now. That's why this human rights issue---LGBT Equality---is so important.

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Sep. 28th, 2013

02:29 pm - Живой журнал является находящееся в собственности россиян.

Я поддерживаю равенство.

Гей в порядке.

Закон России гомофобные.

Ищу нарушение этого закона. Я совершаю преступление. Обвинить меня.

Путин гомофобных. Путин Отвали.

Равенство для геев.

Бесплатный Бунт киски!

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Sep. 25th, 2013

08:33 pm - Живой журнал является находящееся в собственности россиян.

Я гражданка США. Я нарушаю ваш закон о пропаганде. Я поддерживаю равноправие для лесбиянок, геев, бисексуалов и трансгендерных людей. Я думаю, что вы гомофобны. Я хочу, чтобы вы меня судили за нарушение вашего закона. Я поддерживаю равноправие для геев в России.

Я отправлю это на других русских сайтах.

Эй Путина, Хуй тебе!

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08:25 pm - Gay Equality Day Saturday September 28th!!! [reposted post] reposted by misstiajournal

As always---I will be home on 'troll patrol' all day Saturday. If you are a regular and want my phone #, just message me for it. No xenophobia against Russia. If you get any hate on a post, please send me the user name so I can ban them and just delete it.

This month I want to focus on the increasing brutality against members of the LGBT community in Russia and even in the USA. Of course we know in Russia the increased violence is due to the draconian law signed by Putin, but it's increasing in the USA too. I have found some things on the internet that link the Russia propaganda law to an extremist American preacher. (I must stress, any religion that advocates the harm of others, is extremist and is NOT within the norm of the majority of peaceful religions with peaceful religious members, so please do not take this as an attack on 'religion', it's not. Please no comments attacking Christians, Russian Orthodoxy, etc. A religion that advocates harming others IS extremist and does deserve derision though. You CAN attack this Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries and the Patriach Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church. Same as no xenophobia against Russia; but Putin and the politicians who support this are fair game.)

This Scott Lively is a piece of work! In all I have read before, on various sites, I have never come across him mentioned before! He believes that homosexuality was the cause of the Inquisition, Slavery, and the Holocaust. As George Takei would say "Oh Myyy". He's being persecuted, federally, for pushing a bill in Uganda that made homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Lively believes the Russian law that Putin signed this year was the result of a seed planted when he toured Russia in 2006-7 with his hate mongering. He goes to countries and spreads his anti-gay 'preaching' and gets countries and cities to declare places 'gay free zones'. Such as in Moldovia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus. He promotes denying rights to gays and if they have been given rights, to take them back. I found another article about this hate monger from just this month where he wrote Putin claiming their laws don't go FAR ENOUGH against the LGBT community He claims there needs to be a war on gay people. And he wants Russia and America to be allies in that fight, just like in WWII. He, of course, tries to cloak himself with religion, but religions teach acceptance and love, not death and murder.

South African Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu has stated “I would not worship a God who is homophobic, and that is how deep I feel about this,” [he] said at a United Nations’ gay rights campaign function in Cape Town, South Africa. “I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. 'No,' I would say. 'Sorry. I mean, I would much rather go to the other place.'” Tutu likened gay rights to the civil rights battle for blacks and apartheid. . He is a TRUE religious leader who grasps the messages that people learn from religion and the human rights aspects of this.

Now this link is a really good, though long article. Russia’s Anti-Gay Pogrom Has Disturbing Parallels to Medieval Anti-Semitism. But I have to give a couple warnings first. First, it does link to videos that show the brutal attacks against members of the LGBT community. Second, they talk about the impact of religion upon the current Russian law and how the leader of the Russian Orthodox church even gives sanction to the wiping out of gays. Now, not all members of the Russian Orthodox church feel that way; just as there are some extremist Christians, Muslims, etc, there are extreme believers in pretty much every faith. Just wanted to point that out and make sure no one attacks that faith as a whole---you can certainly attack the leader, Patriarch Kirill, for his beliefs though.

So we have an American fringe radical 'religious' guy advocating violence against gays in other countries. The Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill believes gays should be wiped out. These countries already have an underbelly of homophobia and suppressed rage at I don't know what, that they feel they can take out on the LGBT community and it appears they can brutalize, even murder, members of the LGBT community with impunity--in Russia.

Violence in RussiaCollapse )

Other CountriesCollapse )

My back yard and what you can do in YOUR back yardCollapse )

Our NEXT Gay Equality Day is going to be October 11, National Coming Out Day!

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Apr. 22nd, 2011

11:07 am - For Beth Nagle de Szego

Today is my friend Beth's birthday.....Beth was one of my net sisters....

Beth wasn't always online, lived in Spain and had health problems....but she visited the US a few months ago to visit her mom and I got the chance to talk to her a couple times, which was nice--and she didn't have a spanish accent at all despite living in Spain for years!

while in the US she sent me 2 books....one was the official biography of the Queen Mother---we had a shared interest in the british royal family and another was one of her favorite books....she said that even though it was fiction and NOT about the royal family i HAD to read it....of course i haven't read it yet....but i will start it today.....

the book is by Rosamunde Pilcher and is The Shell Seekers...she said she just loved it....for Beth, i'll read it....

why this post?? i got up this morning to learn Beth is having one hell of a birthday party with never ending wine in the afterlife.....Rest in Peace Beth

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Dec. 20th, 2009

07:12 pm

i forgots to post this pix in post i posted a short bit ago....i gave eddie his xmas gift last night and i can finally post a pix of it! i had him hold it up as i can't snag the pix from ebay...

homemade knitted afghan!! it's made wonderfully with a nice backing and border!! i think it's the uniquest grinch item yet!! he was well pleased!! for the few of you who have been in eddie's house he has DOZENS of grinch items!!!!

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