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16 April 1969
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80s new wave, amy winehouse, aromatherapy, british royal family, car 54, cats, celebrity gossip, charlie chaplin, crafts, cross-stitch, disco, duchess of windsor, duke of kent, duke of windsor, duran duran, ebaying, england, erich von stroheim, father ted, franz ferdinand, gardening, gertrude vanderbilt whitney, gloria swanson, gloria vanderbilt, hawaii 5-0, herbs, jack lord, king george vi, leave it to beaver, neil young, nighty night, old books, old cook books, olive thomas, paul simon, pink floyd, prince, prince arthur, prince charles, princess alice of althone, princess louise, princess margaret, queen elizabeth, queen mary, queen victoria, richard cheese, silent movies, simpsons, south park, sylvia plath, the 70's, the early 80's, the young ones, trailer park boys, united kingdom, walking the dog, weird people, youtube
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